Good Day Prayer Eagles,

Power Stop Number 2

The first obstacle Gideon had to clear was the altar that his father had built for Ball, a false god introduced into Israel by one of her former kings.

Gideon was instructed by God to:

“throw down the altar of Ball that thy father has.”

Why was the Lord so concern about this?

Because if Gideon proceeded without destroying this foundational altar, his journey through life would be marked by failure, defeat and disgrace.

Altars have a way of bringing a spiritual covering over the area where it is located. The types of altars that have existed in a specific place determine the kind of spirits who control the land, and the people living there. These spirits are called territorial spirits.

Wherever there is an altar, you will always find high spiritual traffic there. That’s why the people of the Bible always build altars for Father God, or repair the ones which has been destroyed, wherever they found themselves.

Some powerful renown men from the Bible that built altars are Abraham, Jacob, David, Elijah and many others.

They were seeking to bring the covering of the Lord over the land and the people.

Altar and the Foundation

Every altar has an assignment and a voice that speaks. An altar raised for worshiping and prayer to Father God, always brings the divine covering of the Almighty over the territory and the people living there and will always speak powerful blessings of God upon the people.

On the other hand, an evil altar always brings evil traffic of demons, curses and unmitigated disaster to the land and the people living there.

It is next to impossible for anyone to enjoy God’s best if there is a foundational evil altar standing against them. By foundational I mean something passed down from generation to generation. 

Most of the stubborn, unyielding problems afflicting many people today come from foundational evil altars standing against them. I mean the type of affliction that has condemned many to the fiery furnace in the areas of finance, health and relationships can be traced to hidden evil altars crying against people day and night.

These altars have a voice, remember. They hinder prayers. They activate invisible powers and spirits to monitor and report on their victims. Wherever the victims go, these invisible powers will follow. Some people actually sense something following them.   Some people see them in the dream.


These altars give the devil a free ticket into the lives of people, including believers. They have the power to manipulate, control and dominate their victims remotely. Through these altars, incurable diseases and sicknesses that defy medical diagnosis, marital failure, and financial disaster can be programmed into the lives of people.

The end results?

  • Despair
  • Discouragement
  • Defeat

Thus, promoting the devils 3-fold agenda to kill, steal and to destroy.

Heres a big truth: Theres no way Gideon would have been successful if he had failed to take down that altar!


Today, you see so many people walking around, but remotely controlled by hidden altars in their foundation. By the time they arrive at our prayer academy section of the ministry, having been beaten black and blue by the enemy for years, we take them through the Prayer Academy and get them either saved or back in line with God.

In the beginning many of them argue and make all sorts of excuses. Some do not even make it pass day 1 some give up because it is just too much work or some are told by satan that it is nonsense, but so far, weve never failed anyone that is willing to go all the way, because we have the Holy Spirit at the steering wheel of our ministries.


Please do not share this material with your friends and family. I know by nature we want all of them to be saved and we would like to show them what they are doing wrong, but truth is they are not ready, and you will be doing more harm than good. Rather send me their details (Name, Surname and email address) first as this is where God shows me how to help them and get them ready. The last thing we want them to go through is more attacks.

Gideon’s first step to victory, his first major assignment on his journey from slavery to significance, was to destroy the evil altar of his father’s house. And to replace it with an altar built for Father God. So that he could begin to receive the blessings and divine covering of the Almighty God.


At this point you might tell me you don’t have Gideon’s problems. Your case is different. I hear this all the time.

If you are sure that the last 4 generations in your family line were all born again and Spirit-filled and had nothing to do with negative altars, you could skip this entire message


I mean, if you are certain that none of them consulted with mediums, psychics, satanic prophets, sangomas, tea cup reading, tarot card reading, and such like, then praise the Lord, you are free.

However, if you know that some of them (including their children) ever paid a visit to strange places for one reason or the other, then I caution that you do not dismiss this message with a wave of the hand.

Here’s why:

A few years ago (2012), at a bookshop in the Pavilion in Durban, South Africa, I noticed a group of young teenage girls excitedly passing this thick black book around. At first, I ignored them, thinking it was a book on fashion. But when I entered this bookshop I felt the Fire of the Holy Spirit come over me and I knew there is something in the vicinity not good. I noticed few minutes later, to my dismay, one of them was reading from a book on the occult with step-by-step guide on how to cast witchcraft spells. It included an entire chapter on deadly incantations to do really strange things. I was shocked. Looking around I could see hundreds of such books in that section alone.


During 2011 and 2012 I got to do with a lot of witches who infiltrated churches. These are normal looking people who claim to worship mother earth but in fact they worship satan.  More on this in my book “Witchcraft in the Church”

I feel sorry for people in churches where they are not being taught how to pray and how to see these witches in the churches. I most cases the pastor has not even got discernment.


It is in these churches that you find wolves in sheep’s clothing who can cause much trouble.


Even in my work as a Realtor I encounter witches and warlocks daily, curses get send to our offices and to us, but because I have discernment and pray daily it get broken and dissolved in most cases before they even hit us. I will post daily under our new Blog section more on this.


Many people may never be gainfully employed where they are currently residing now unless and until they understand how to dismantle the altars at the gate of their city.

Because as long as those altars remain in operation, they may as well kiss goodbye their divine benefits. It doesn’t matter how academically sound or intelligent they are.

You see many Christians are still struggling to get out of the prison of the altars of their fathers, house. Many come from homes where nobody gets married without a huge struggle. Some come from places where the girls don’t last in their matrimonial homes.   Some have been fighting battles all their lives. It seems the more such people pray, the more attacks they receive, all because of the terrible altars that are raging against them!

When praying these prayers keep your eyes open and say it out loud!

Here are today’s prayer points:


  • Every personality reinforcing bondage in my life die in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • I bring the divine executioner of God against every personality reinforcing bondage in my life in Jesus Christ’s name.
  • Every power and spirit of the occult released against my life, turn and face your owner and destroy them in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • (Pick the dust/sand of the earth in your hands, throw it and pray like this) As I release this sand let it travel back with all the evil invoked into it to any personality using the dust against my life in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • God of signs and wonders, arise and show my enemies that you are my God,
  • I refuse to bow to any satanic intimidation in Jesus Christ’s name.
  • I hold the blood of Jesus Christ as evidence against any evil force unleashed against my life in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Thou collector strongman or women from the waters of my place of birth, release my portion, receive divine judgement and die by fire in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. (repeat this one at least 5 times)