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Some of our ministry had a BBQ (Braai) on the beach.

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The main areas of the occult where Satan is working and holding people in bondage today are:

1. Astrology – There are even financial gurus using the stars to predict the stock market.

2. Spiritists – This would include the spiritist churches. You will know them by their “fruits” and their doctrine which is contrary to the Bible.

3. Spiritual Healers – Never get involved with anyone if they are not a Christian no matter how many crosses they wear or how many scriptures they quote. The only real healing comes from God and is available to the Church, but be sure you know it is a genuine church and not a substitute church of the Dark Kingdom.

4. Fortune-tellers – These people are Agents of the devil even though they may not know it. The reason I say that some may not know it is because they are possessed with many spirits by practicing necromancy. Often they are possessed by deceiving spirits such that they actually believe they are helping people and that their gift is from God. Their information, as already discussed, comes from the Dark Kingdom through the Powers and is given to the fortune-teller by religious and familiar spirits.

5. Transcendental Meditation – The only meditation a Christian should practice is that advocated by King David. It is meditation upon the Word of God. Any other type of meditation, including yoga, is from the Dark Kingdom and is designed to control your mind. It is a subtle but sure method to eventual, total demonic possession. Talk to someone who thinks they “Found It” and you will learn what they found, demonic possession.

6. Yoga – while the physical benefits may be there, like much of the martial arts, the spiritual practices are part of the Dark Kingdom. The only true power is not physical but spiritual.

7. Satanism and Satan worship – Anyone should know better than to get involved. If you find yourself already involved, you definitely need deliverance ministry.

8. Mediums and Channelers – The same as fortune-tellers. These people are totally possessed by spirits when in their trance. They are able to fool people because they often impersonate a loved one and reveal information that only the departed loved one and God know. What people do not realize is that the familiar spirits know everything about them ever since birth. They feed this information to the person while speaking through the medium. A channeler is on of Satan’s

9. counterfeits for the prophets’ ministry in the Church.

10. For example, you go to a channeler and your deceased mother speaks through the channeler relaying information to you that only you and she knew. Therefore, you believe it to genuinely be your departed mother. But when you realize that familiar spirits know everything about you, it is easy to see how they can fool the spiritual neophyte.

11. Secret Societies – Christians should not be involved. I do not know of one that is not occultic even though much of what they do may appear good.

12. Metaphysics – Do not show any interest here either. It is a trap to draw humans into the Dark Kingdom.

13. False Religions – More about this below.

14. Ouija Boards – Don’t even think about it. This is spiritism and the spirits will talk to you. But the question you should ask yourself is “do you really want to talk to demons?” I doubt it. I never do unless I need information in deliverance ministry. Once you start talking to them via the Ouija, they will begin knocking on your windows and doors, seeking to possess you.

15. Rock Music – Forget it, even “Christian Rock” which is a paradox. Heavy metal groups today are into true Satan worship.

16. New Age – In any form, stay away from it.

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Set FREE from witchcraft


Set FREE from being trapped in satanism


I was possessed by demons


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